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General terms



Dear visitors, please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using this

website and before completing an order. By using this website you accept and agree to the

published Terms and Conditions.

Entry into force: 01.06.2021


Article1 "CROZIA" EOOD, UIC 205346150, VAT № BG 175403258, with

registered office and address of management: Sofia, 88 Ivan Ivanov Blvd., fl. 1, apt. 2,

address for correspondence: Sofia, 88 Ivan Ivanov Blvd., fl. 1, apt. 2, contact phone: +359

899 644 311, e-mail: info@croziabg.com, administrates and manages the site

www.croziabg.com - an online store offering a contract for distance purchase and sale under

these General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as the Site, the Website, the

Online store, the Seller,

"Seller", "CROZIA", "We" should be understood as the e-store CROZIA, managed

and administered by CROZIA EOOD.

Article 2 You can contact CROZIA EOOD as follows:

(1) by phone: +359 899 644 311;

(2) via email: info@croziabg.com

(3) by letter to the address: Sofia, 88 Inzh.. Ivan Ivanov Blvd., floor 1, apartment 2;


Article 3 (1) The access to the Site for the purpose of order registration or account

registration is allowed for any person who visits the site. Registration as a user on the Site is

at the request of the visitor.

(2) The general conditions of CROZIA are obligatory for all clients of the Site. Any

use of the Site means that you have carefully read the General Terms and Conditions and have

agreed to abide by them unconditionally.

(3) If any of the provisions of these General Terms for Use of the Site prove to be

invalid or inapplicable, regardless of the reason for this, this does not entail the invalidity or

inapplicability of the other provisions.

(4) The site reserves the right at its discretion to restrict the access of any customer to

the execution of an order and / or to any of the possible payment methods, if it considers that

this would be to the detriment of the seller in any way. . In this situation, the client has the

right to contact the Customer Relations department of the Site or the coordinates specified in a

section of these General Terms and Conditions to be informed about the reasons that led to

the application of the above measures. The site is not liable for any damages the customer has

incurred or may incur as a result of this decision when it is justified.

(5) The Client in certain cases has the right to publish opinions about goods and / or

services, as well as to contact the Site at the addresses indicated in the Contacts section. Posts

or messages that contain obscene words or inappropriate vocabulary will be removed from the

Site or ignored.

(6) The Site may publish advertising or promotional information about the goods and /

or services and / or about the promotions offered by it on the Site for a certain period of time,

specified in the specific campaign.

(7) The characteristics or prices of the products and services described on the Site may

be changed at any time. Due to technical reasons, they may contain errors, for which

CROZIA apologizes in advance to its customers and notifies that it is not liable for such


Article 4 (1) The General Terms and Conditions may be changed unilaterally by

CROZIA at any time by updating them on the website and in compliance with the provisions

of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

(2) The updated General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force immediately after

their publication on the Site for all future clients and users, as well as for contracts concluded

before clients with legal entities.

(3) The amendments to the General Terms and Conditions do not affect distance

contracts concluded before the update with natural persons unless CROZIA has provided

otherwise in compliance with the current legislation and Article 8 of these General Terms and


Article 5 (1) In case CROZIA wishes to bind the amended General Terms and

Conditions and users with contracts (orders) valid and not terminated on the day of the update

of the conditions the trader shall notify the users by e-mail within 7 days of the amendment.

(2) In case the customer does not agree with the amendments to the general conditions,

within 1 month from the notification with a written notification to CROZIA, the latter may

withdraw from the contract without stating a reason and without paying compensation or

penalty, or continue to implement it under the general conditions in force before the


(3) If the customer fails to do so within the specified period, the updated General

Terms and Conditions shall enter into force with respect to the customer after the expiration

of 1 month from the notification.

(4) The General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force immediately with respect

to all clients, without the need for notification, in case the changes made to the terms and

conditions have been imposed by virtue of a legal act that has entered into force.

(5) The updated general conditions shall be binding for the traders from the day of

their update or from the date indicated in the notification for amendment.

Article 6 CROZIA makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information

presented on the Site. However, taking into account possible technical errors or omissions in

this information, CROZIA clarifies that the images of the products are illustrative and

indicative, respectively the delivered products may differ from the images.

Article 7 (1) All goods, including those on promotion / discount, are sold and

delivered until the quantities are exhausted, even if this is not explicitly stated on the Site.

(2) Some announcements and offers are bound by a minimum or maximum quantity

that can be purchased by one customer. If applicable, this is described in detail in the

individual proposal.

Article 8 The site may contain internet links to other sites. CROZIA is not responsible

for the privacy policy and conditions of use of websites that it does not administrate, as well

as for other information contained therein.


Article 9 International orders from the site can be paid as follows:

(1) debit or credit card (virtual POS terminal) - in this case the value of the ordered

goods and / or services and delivery should be paid by the customer or by a third party chosen

by them through the payment system of our partner ePAY. The customer is redirected directly

and automatically to the Operator's Site, where the payer should enter the data of his card

(card number), its validity, holder, as well as the last 4 digits of its number (CVC / CVV

security code), such as data is transmitted to the payment service operator's system to confirm

the transaction. The payment is considered completed only after the customer agrees to the

terms of the operator and the system successfully registers the payment and the amounts are

credited to the CROZIA account. By providing the necessary data, the customer or a third

party payer identifies themselves, confirms the amount of the payment and orders the card

account to be debited with the amount of the payment and to be transferred to the CROZIA

account. CROZIA does not receive any data about your credit or debit cards. The customer is

not allowed to dispute a payment confirmed by entering a correct identification password,

CVC / CVV security code, personal secret password for 3D identification or another

password / identification code or payment confirmed by entering a 6-digit access code for the

mobile application.

(2) via paypal - in this case the value of the ordered goods and / or services and the

delivery should be paid by the customer or by a third party chosen by them through the

PayPal system; if you choose this type of payment, you will be redirected to the PayPal

system, where you must enter your e-mail and password or register if you do not have one.

The payment is considered completed only after the payment transaction is confirmed and the

amounts are credited to the CROZIA account;

In the case of payments via paypal or other similar payment systems or payments by

bank transfer or card (where such options are available), the seller is not responsible for any

costs related to fees, commissions or other additional payments made by the client in

connection with the transaction, as well as in the cases of currency exchange applied by the

bank that issued the client's card in the cases where the currency is different from Bulgarian

levs (BGN).

(3) The payment by card to the Site is accepted as an international payment by the

banks in Bulgaria and according to their rules for work with cards and card payments in such

type of transactions some banks or other institutions charge additional fees. The costs

associated with such payments are solely at the expense of the buyer. Therefore, CROZIA

recommends that its customers consult their bank on any additional fees that may be charged

to them for online payments or those through a bank for products and services sold by the



Delivery charges

All prices listed on the website are in Bulgarian levs or Euros and do not include

delivery costs. The total amount will be converted into Euros at the exchange rate of

BGN 1.95 to 1 euro. Delivery charges are displayed separately on the delivery and

payment pages. We will require full payment for all international orders via Paypal or

credit card.

Delivery time

Article 10 (1) For orders on the territory of Bulgaria within 1-2 days, for international

orders 3-8 days.

(2) The term of delivery shall be extended respectively by the number of days off for

orders Saturday, Sunday and during public holidays.

(3) CROZIA shall not be liable for delay of delivery due to circumstances beyond

CROZIA's control, such as delay by the courier making the delivery, prohibition by a state

authority, extraordinary or force majeure circumstances,

(4) CROZIA has the right to unilaterally extend the delivery period or to refuse

delivery of goods or services in cases where the order is requested by payment by bank

transfer, virtual POS / card and the payment is not credited to the seller's account.

(5) CROZIA shall ensure the appropriate packaging of the goods and the dispatch of

the accompanying documents. If for any reason the shipment does not contain the necessary

document or component for the ordered product, then please contact us and we will do our

best to provide it as soon as possible.


Term of right of cancellation and right of replacement

Article11 (1) Within 14 days after a service is ordered, respectively within 14 days of

receipt of the goods - when ordering goods, the user has the right to cancel the order of goods

/ services from the Site, without specifying a reason or a motive for this and without due

penalties or other compensations to CROZIA, except for the costs for its return, but also for

the initial shipment of the goods, when the shipment at the request of the consumer is made to

the address specified by them.

(2) The right of cancellation does not apply, respectively CROZIA has the right not to

respect the exercised cancellation of an order when: i) the term for exercising the right of

cancellation has expired; ii) the customer has not returned the goods to the seller within 14

days, iii) there is not enough data to consider that the product was purchased from CROZIA

(invoice, receipt, etc.) iv) the customer has not returned the product as a whole. (v) the

product is open, used and in a condition unfit for resale,

Goods and services for which the customer has no right of return and exchange

Article 12 The customer has no right to withdraw from the contract or to request the

replacement of a product with another, in the following cases:

1) in the case of supply of goods or services, the price of which depends on

fluctuations in the financial market, which cannot be controlled by sellers, which may occur

during the period for exercising the right of cancellation;

(2) in case of delivery of goods, which due to their nature may deteriorate their quality

or have a short shelf life;

(3) in case of delivery of sealed goods which are unsealed after their delivery and

cannot be returned due to reasons related to hygiene or health protection (cosmetic products -

skin care);

(4) in the case of a returned product which is visibly used by the customer or


We have the right to reject your request to cancel an order for a product that cannot be

returned after unpacking due to hygienic reasons or in order to protect health.

Article 13 (1) Within 14 days from the receipt of the goods, the customer shall have

the right to replace a product, in case the delivered goods do not correspond to the expected

by the consumer considering the normal use of the product.

(2) When the customer exercises their right of replacement and provided there are

reasons to be considered, CROZIA shall replace the product with another one within 14

(fourteen) days from the date on which the customer has returned the particular product to

CROZIA. In case the seller does not have the requested product and it is not available, they

offer the customer another product, and with the consent of the latter the exchange takes place

with this other product, and in the case of price difference between the two products the

parties agree on the surcharge / refund of the selling price. In the absence of consent,

CROZIA shall reimburse the customer for the amount paid for the goods within the time

limits and under the conditions set out in the preceding paragraphs of this article. For

purchases paid with a voucher, please read Article 30a.

Notification of withdrawal

To CROZIA EOOD, UIC 205346150, with headquarters and address of

management: Sofia, 88 Inzh. Ivan Ivanov Blvd., 1st floor, apartment 2, e-mail:


Address for returning orders: Sofia, 88 Inzh. Ivan Ivanov Blvd., 1st floor, apt. 2

Return of goods

Article 14 (1) In the case of withdrawal of the order of goods from CROZIA, as well

as in the case of request for replacement, the customer shall, within 14 days from the

notification that they withdraw from the order or wish to replace a product, return the product

in its entirety and in the condition the goods were on receipt in together with the invoice and /

or receipt issued by CROZIA, issued by the seller or courier who delivered the goods to the

above address. The return of the goods is at the expense of the customer. If the customer has

not paid for the return delivery, CROZIA deducts the delivery costs from the price to be

refunded and returns the difference to the consumer.

Refund of the amount paid

Article 15 (1) When the customer exercises their right of replacement and provided

there are reasons to be considered, CROZIA shall refund the price paid under the distance

contract, from which the consumer has withdrawn, within 14 days from the notification of the

withdrawal, and when the goods are returned by the consumer or courier - within the date on

which the latter returned the product or from the date of providing indisputable proof of the

return of the product by the consumer, whichever occurs earlier. When the customer exercises

their right of withdrawal the term for return of the amounts paid by the customer is 14 /

fourteen / days from the date of notification of CROZIA of the withdrawal. The refund of

amounts shall be made after deduction of amounts in accordance with art. 34 if applicable.

(2) The amount subject to refund shall include the price paid by the customer for the

goods or the service without the price for courier services for return of the goods, as well as

for the initial delivery if it has been done to the consumer's address.

(3) The amount shall be reimbursed as follows without incurring any additional costs

for the customer unless the bank or payment institution serving them does not charge any


• Payments made by bank transfer, debit or credit card - to a bank account provided by

the customer or by refunding the amount to the account from which the payment was made.

Payments on orders made by customers are refunded with the same means of payment used

by the customer in the initial transaction unless the user has expressly agreed to use another

means of payment and without incurring costs for the customer. Reimbursement of amounts

for returned orders, paid with a voucher, is carried out as set out in art. 31a.

Other cases of withdrawal (cancellation)

Article 16 (1) Each of the parties has the right to refuse to fulfill (to cancel) the made

order or its obligations under it, which it duly notifies the other party of.

(2) CROZIA may unilaterally cancel an order in when the customer has requested a

product or service from the Site, noting that the order is intended for a third party (eg a gift),

whose data he has indicated for the purposes of delivery. Cancellation in this case may be

done when CROZIA suspects that the shipment has a threatening, reprehensible, mocking or

other purpose contrary to good morals and ethics.

Article 17 The cancellation of an order does not entail any liability or subsequent

obligation of either party to the other in relation to it and accordingly neither of them has the

right to seek compensation from the other for its cancellation in the following cases:

(1) non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the client of the transaction upon online


(2) carrying out the money transaction which does not lead to the receipt of funds on

the seller's account for online payments;

(3) non-fulfillment or cancellation of an order by the seller before there is a

confirmation for the same within the meaning of Article 14, paragraph 2 of these General

Terms and Conditions;

Article 18. In the cases under art. 17 the order is canceled automatically.


* This section is for customers only.

Deadline for filing a complaint

Article 19 The complaint relating to a good / service may be filed in accordance with

art. 20 by the user within the following terms:

(1) within 24 months from the delivery of the goods, but not later than two months

from the establishment of the non-compliance with the agreed, unless the non-compliance is

obvious, in which case the terms specified in paragraph 2 of this article shall apply;

(2) within 72 hours from acceptance of the goods, when the non-conformity is

external, visible and obvious and could have been established at a certain inspection during or

immediately after delivery;

(3) within 24 months from the delivery of the service, but not later than 14 days from

the establishment of the non-compliance with the agreed;

(4) The period shall cease to run during the time necessary to reach an agreement

between CROZIA and the customer to resolve the dispute.


Article 20 (1) The customer has the right within the terms, indicated in art. 19, to file

a complaint with CROZIA for any non-conformity of the goods with the agreed / ordered /,

when after delivery, non-conformities of the goods with the contract of sale are found,

regardless of whether the manufacturer, importer or seller has provided a commercial

guarantee for the goods.

(2) When filing a complaint, the customer shall indicate the subject of the complaint,

their preferred way of satisfying the complaint, preferred way of contact;

(3) The filing of a complaint shall not hinder the filing of a claim.

(4) When submitting a complaint, the customer shall also enclose the documents on

which the claim is based, namely: i) receipt or invoice; (ii) protocols, acts or other documents

establishing the non-conformity of the goods or services with the agreed - if any; (iii) other

documents establishing the claim on the grounds and amount.

(5) The complaint shall be submitted to CROZIA in one of the following ways at the

choice of the consumer:

▪ by calling the telephone numbers for contact with CROZIA EOOD;

▪ by e-mail to the e-mail address of CROZIA in free text;

Article 21 (1) In the cases when the complaint is filed outside the site of CROZIA, the

consumer should provide the goods to the seller at the address: Sofia, 88 Inzh. Ivan Ivanov

Blvd., 1st floor, apt.2

(2) The delivery, if a courier is used, shall be at the expense of CROZIA, in case the

complaint is accepted by CROZIA as justified.

Article 22 (1) Upon filing a complaint, CROZIA shall enter it in the Register of

Complaints, providing the user with the number and date of the complaint, as well as

information on which employee has accepted it.

(2) Within 30 days from the filing of the complaint, CROZIA shall decide whether it

is justified or not.

(3) The customer shall immediately notify CROZIA in the case data in accordance

with paragraph 1 has not been provided to them.

Article 23 In the case of justified complaints, CROZIA shall bring the goods in

compliance with the contract of sale within the term under Article 22, paragraph 2. The goods

are brought in accordance with the contract free of charge in one of the following ways at the

discretion of the Seller according to the nature of the non-conformity:

(1) replacement of the goods with a new one of the same type;

Article 24 (1) If any of the actions, indicated in Article 22, paragraph 1, are

impossible due to unavailability of the product, CROZIA shall return the amount paid by the

customer for the goods and for its delivery.

Article 25 (1) If the goods have not been replaced by CROZIA within the term under

Article 22, paragraph 2, the customer has the right to cancel the contract and to be reimbursed

the amount paid or to request a reduction in the price of the goods.

(2) The customer may not claim for cancellation of the contract if the non-conformity

of the goods with the contract is insignificant.

(3) The customer may not claim a refund of the amount paid or a reduction in the price

of the goods when CROZIA agrees to replace the goods with new ones.

(4) In any case of a satisfied complaint, CROZIA shall issue a copy of the document

of satisfied complaint which proves the actions undertaken related to the complaint.

Unfounded complaints

Article 26. The complaint is unfounded and shall not be justified when:

(1) It has been filed after the expiration of the terms under Article 19;

(2) Any of the conditions in Article 19 is present;

(3) The complaint concerns a product that was not purchased by CROZIA (for

example, you have indicated that the product was purchased by us, but you have sent us

another product);

(4) In the event of a complaint and a product returned by the customer in poor

condition, if the condition of the product indisputably indicates: (i) abuse of rights; (ii) the

product is open, used and unfit for resale, (iii) the packaging is damaged.

Article 27 (1) In the case of an unfounded complaint CROZIA shall inform the

customer in writing about its decision and shall be released from responsibility to respect the

complaint and to bring the goods in compliance with the contract. If the consumer is

dissatisfied with the decision of CROZIA, they may file a claim in court. They may do so

without making a complaint to CROZIA or waiting for the response of the seller.


Article 28 (1) The entire content of the Site, namely - the logo, together with the

figures and text contained therein, inscriptions and images, photos, video material, drawings,

diagrams, graphics, design, database, descriptions, methods, processes and other objects of

intellectual property and copyright, the content of the General Terms and Conditions are the

property of CROZIA or third parties from whom CROZIA has obtained consent for

reproduction and or has a contract for the use of the object of intellectual property and or


(2) CROZIA are the trade name, brand and domain used by CROZIA.

Article 54 CROZIA reserves all rights to intellectual property related in any way to

the Site.

Article 55 Certain products displayed on the Site have their own, specific and one-of-

a-kind design, owned by CROZIA, which is the subject of copyright and intellectual


Article 56 Visitors to the Site may use the content only for the purpose of purchase

and sale. The use of the content for purposes other than those set out in the General Terms and

Conditions is considered a violation of these General Terms and Conditions of the Site, as

well as a violation of the intellectual property owned by CROZIA.

Article 57 Each product and each service displayed and offered on the Site complies

with the European and national requirements concerning the specific product / specific


Article 58 (1) Visitors to the Site may copy, share, transfer and / or use the content

only for personal non-commercial purposes and only in cases where this does not contradict

the provisions of this chapter of this document and after obtaining the written consent of

CROZIA or third parties holding copyright and other intellectual property rights who have

given their consent to the use of their works and other intellectual property.

(2) CROZIA gives the right to owners of other sites and other persons to publish links

to the online store only when the link is clear and unambiguous.

(3) Copying texts from the Site and placing them in other websites and online stores

without the written consent of CROZIA or without citing the source, putting the following

text: "Source: online store / specify the domain of our site /" with the link leading to the

online store CROZIA is prohibited.


CROZIA and the customer are liable for any action or inaction that has caused

damage to any of the parties, including lost profits, in accordance with these General Terms

and Bulgarian law.

CROZIA / The customer is not liable for any damages suffered by the client as a

result of force majeure or those that are beyond the control of the other party.


Article 66 (1) According to the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU)

2016/679) and the Bulgarian legislation CROZIA and in particular CROZIA EOOD is a

controller of personal data.

(2) CROZIA EOOD accepts the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, which every

visitor, whose personal data is processed by CROZIA or to whom cookies are applied, should

accept after getting acquainted.

Article 67 The personal data of the visitor may be provided to the prosecutor's office,

the police, the judicial institutions or other state bodies, on the basis of and within the

framework of the legal provisions and as a result of an explicit request made by them.


Article 68 (1) Disputes arising between CROZIA and users and customers which are

legal entities shall be resolved by mutual consent or if this is not possible, the disputes will be

resolved in accordance with Bulgarian law, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.

(2) The parties may resolve disputes arising between them out of court through the

alternative resolution of disputes / ARD / between consumers and traders, which is out-of-

court conciliation proceedings on a voluntary basis. The Joint Conciliation Commissions

assist in reaching an agreement between consumers and traders in disputes over contracts for

the sale of goods and the provision of services. the specific territory. The consolidated list of

recognized RSD entities of the Member States of the European Union can be found at


Article 69 Individual consumers can use the European Online Dispute Resolution

Platform (ODR), available at http://ec.europa.eu/odr, which is a single access portal that

allows EU consumers and traders to resolve disputes with each other.


Article 70 CROZIA and all customers (individuals and legal entities), as well as

visitors to the Site, agree that the contact between the parties is accepted:

(1) For the seller: CROZIA EOOD, UIC 205346150, with registered office and

address of management: Sofia, 88 Inzh. Ivan Ivanov Blvd., 1st floor, apt. 2:

- by phone: +359 899 644 311;

- by email: info@croziabg.com

- by letter to the address: Sofia, 88 Inzh. Ivan Ivanov Blvd., 1st floor, apt.

- through the contact form on the Site;

(2) For the client or visitor to the Site:

- by the telephone number indicated by him in the order / correspondence;

- by e-mail specified by them in the order / correspondence;

- by letter to the address indicated by them in the order / correspondence as delivery


Article 71 Notifications and communications exchanged between the parties by e-mail

(e-mail) shall be deemed to be in writing and the parties shall attach the same effect to a

written document without the need for an electronic signature.


Article 72 The bodies regulating the activity of CROZIA are the Commission for

Consumer Protection / CCP /, the Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP), the

Commission for Protection of Competition and the National Revenue Agency with the

following addresses: